About Us

Open Door Rehabilitation Center (Open Door) began with family. Actually, two families – David and Juanita Graf and William and Virginia Squier, Sr. – who developed a community-based “employment” workshop in the Graf ’s basement.

The workshop, also referred to as a sheltered workshop, was a supportive, nurturing environment where adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities developed job, vocational, social, and life skills. It was incorporated as the Sandwich Community Sheltered Workshop in 1963.

The workshop’s client base expanded quickly and, over the next decades, it developed complementary programs – such as developmental day training, group homes, support programs for clients and their families in the community, social clubs for community integration, and various supported employment options.

From six clients in 1963, Open Door today provides services to 129 individuals in a variety of programs. At its core, Open Door is community-based and focused upon families. Growth fulfills specific community, family, and individual needs and always “Helps People Help Themselves.”

a smiling client

Board of Directors

Rita Potter: Executive Director
William & Virginia Squire, Sr.: Founder
David & Juanita Graf: Founder
Dick Banning: President
Chris Carpenter: Vice President
Denise Mestemaker: Secretary
Richard Randall: Treasurer
Tom Hohmann, Jr.
Becky Lueken
Michael O'Flynn
Susan Bill
Larry French
Thea Hernandez