Day Program

Open Door workshops are buzzing with activity every day of the week! Enter either of our two campus locations, and you will be greeted by enthusiastic staff. Inside, you will see clients enjoying programming or contently working at their work stations. Our east workshop provides individuals with close supervision and personal care, while the west workshop offers people more independence and work focus. Both Open Door locations deliver a welcoming, comfortable, and fun environment for learning and working.

Pod Programming

During the day, both workshops are set up to offer clients their choice of multiple programming opportunities that are always evolving to meet the interests of the individuals we serve. These options are organized into four groups, which are referred to as pods.

A few programming options offered in our pods:

art pod


Arts and crafts projects, photography, talent show
active pod


Dancing, yoga, swimming, parachute, Zumba classes, neighborhood walk
work pod


Up-cycling, job safety, janitorial training, community service projects
education pod


History lessons, Bible study, museum trips, gardening

Senior Center

Our east workshop is home to a very special area we refer to as our Senior Center. This is a unique area designed especially for our clients who are 65 and older. But don’t let the name fool you! This is one of the most bustling spots at Open Door.
The Senior Center offers:
  • A family setting
  • The opportunity to cook your own lunch and snacks
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Old time movies
  • Music
  • Bingo
  • Bird watching
senior center birthday
senior center client

Learning and Resource Center

Our Learning and Resource Center, housed at our west workshop, is the perfect place for people to access the internet or hang out with friends.
This computer lab features:
  • 12 devices with internet access
  • Printers
  • Study cubicles
  • Headphones
  • Coffee bar
  • Comfortable sitting area
learning center
learning center computer work
west workshop employment


Open Door provides our clients an opportunity to earn a wage. Production and light manufacturing are offered at the west workshop, which provides an environment for:

  • On-the-job training
  • Job evaluation
  • Work place safety education
  • Work skill lessons for community employment
  • Assembly services for area businesses